Basel 30.03.14

What is unfathomable loves you and there is nothing you can do about that!

Freiburg 21.3.14

What I do know.

28.11.13 Neus

Guru! Life itself is the Guru

02.11.13 Bremen

Pot holes! Always be prepared! You are the parent of your mind!

01.11.13 Bremen

It is the illusion of your age!

25.10.13 Berlin

What is happening to our oceans? What is happening to our Land?  Use your beautiful mind to write a protest letter! Keep your nervous system healthy! Learn to look at it all! You are the parent of your mind!

27.10.13 Berlin

Understanding the predicament!

Amsterdam 21.11.13

Have you really traveled anywhere? Have you changed at all? Humanity rides on the coat tails of a few individuals.

Tubingen 6.12.13

The letter

Prague 20.10.13

There is another eye the eye of this earth!

Prague 18.10.13

You have given a round trip ticket to travel on this beautiful boat that is traveling in space! You have been given it all. Don,t use these eyes to blame.

Freiburg 26-09-13


Why I Look into your eyes!

The talk started when a student asked the question what are you doing when you look in our eyes.

Knock Knock

Basel 21.09.13

Its the events in your life which made you who you are! Be a good tracker and hunt them down.

Tubingen 07.06.13

We have been trained not to see outside the walls of society.It takes all five participants to see outside these walls.

Prague 31.05.13

Who are you?

Prague 30.05.13

Twilight is your first teacher.

Berlin 26.05.13

I wonder what life would be like if every day was Sunday?

Berlin 25.05.13

What is the fire doing to you? Its your future that concerns me!

Neus Saturday 18.05.2013

You are not the problem and there is no one to blame! We are all biology simply walking earth! If you want ask a simple yet profound question what in the world is this all about? Your future is important! No mind can comprehend what put all of this together but your heart can!

Neus Friday 17.05.2013

What to do with all that we have left behind us.

Glasgow 09-05-13

From out of the blue it comes to you!

Shrewsbury 04-05-13

Mr Morrow.

Cork 28-04-13

You are not your mind! Your mind cannot touch the earth! Your heart can!

Neuss Friday 19-05-2005

This is what its like when you have to pass away. That we have to care much more than our parents taught us too! Speak to your own bones, speak to yourself very quietly!

Neuss Thursday 19-05-2005

The mystery and the function of a rosary or a mala. There is no practice involved either you pray or you don,t! what 3 seeds we are?  

Basel Saturday 1 14-04-2005

The sun did not come out this morning. There is really no intelligence that could ever match a tear. Then why is your mind not as bright as the sun.

Basel Thursday 14-04-2005

I wonder who I was when I walked out the door of my flat? Who gave me this mind to wonder? So much of life is not to know!

Lyon Saturday 07-04-2005

There are so many ways to look at this life. If it was not for the darkness there is no way I could see what light is. Do you need to apply to go to the school of the mystics?

Parma Friday 13-05-2004

The mind follows the breath. Who is our boss? Is it the body we are in? Hands feel too! Just look at your hands.

Starnberg Friday 15-05-2003

Keep pushing! What is it that I cannot feel? A micro-cosmos,how it found itself growing into a macro-cosmos and that,s what this universe is

Teufen Saturday (2) 17-04-2003

Earth Chant

Teufen Saturday (1) 17-04-2003

Music with the humming of planet earth.

Bremen Saturday 20-04-2013


Bremen Friday 19-04-2013

Gravity  we don,t pay any attention to it!

Basel Saturday 13-04-2013

A teaching by emaho in Basel. Spring tour

Basel Thursday 11-04-2013

A teaching by emaho 13-04-13 spring tour

Lyon Saturday 06-04-2013

Faces! How many faces have I had in this given lifetime.

Lyon Friday 05-04-2013

Spring tour

A song with teachings

A song with teachings by Emaho